Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do I take my classes?

The Anderson 5 Charter School is housed at C.F. Reames Education Center. 

School hours are 8:25 AM to 3:20 PM
The curriculum is aligned with the SC College and Career Readiness standards and the Anderson Five District Pacing Guides and presented in an online platform.  This allows students to complete additional work at home for the chance to get ahead or catch up.


AVCS operates on the 4 X 4 block schedule.  Students take four courses per semester.  Students are enrolled in courses for 18 weeks each semester.  


How many students are you accepting?

AVCS is limited to 75 students. If there are more than 75 applicants, students are placed on a waiting list.  As seats open up students on the waiting list will be called. 


I do not live in Anderson Five, can I attend?

Anyone out of district would need to call the Anderson Five District Office to inquire about the process for enrollment. Out of district tuition is required.